The FreeWay Family has officially started their engine!

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A few months ago, our family of five set off on the greatest adventure ever: traveling and exploring the planet in a converted bus!

Are you asking yourself a million questions about how and why we decided to do this?! Keep on reading to find some of the answers to some of your questions!

Check it out:

You can follow all of The FreeWay Family's adventures on our Instagram! It's the best way to stay current on our day-to-day craziness! And when we have a bit more to say, you can read it allllll right here on our blog at

You can also shop our original collection of apparel for the entire family--along with magnets and other gear--at! New items will be added every day as we expand our official brand, so please check back often! 

Please be sure to follow us on Instagram to stay informed (you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest)! And hopefully we'll see you down the road! 


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